Contact info

Breeder and owner: Bercek Sandor
Address: Oslobodjenja 8
City: Muzlja ( Zrenjanin )
PO Box: 23206
Country: Srbija
TEL/FAX: +381(0)23 527-652
Mobile phone: +381(0)64 170-56-69
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Puppies for sale!!! Puppies born on 20nd August 2011.

 1st Male
sold Serbia 

 muzjak1 rezervisan.jpg

 2nd Male

Muzjak2 rezer MNE.jpg

 3rd Male

sold Croatia

 Muzjak3 slob.jpg
 4th Male  Muzjak4 slob.jpg
 1st Female zenka1.jpg
 2nd Female zenka2.jpg
 3rd Female  zenka3.jpg
 4th Female zenka4.jpg
 5th Female zenka5.jpg
 6th Female Zenka6.jpg
 7th Female Zenka7.jpg
 8th Female  Zenka8.jpg

 9th Female